What is a blockchain?

What is a blockchain? What is the blockchain?

What is a blockchain? Many people have heard the word “blockchain” – it seems to be the financial buzzword of the year. But, when you ask people “What is a blockchain?” then other than knowing it is the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, most people have no idea what a blockchain is or why its important. […]

What Critics Fail to Understand about Kin — Part #1

Kik (the company behind the Kin ecosystem) recently launched their first beta app “Kinit” on the Google Play Store. The launch received polarizing feedback with both an out-pouring of positive reviews on the Play Store, but, some tough criticisms from both the community and reporters who failed to understand parts of Kik’s strategy. A Quick […]

What is Metcalfe’s Law and how does it apply to crypto?

Metcalfe’s Law Unless you work in the telecom industry, you may never have heard of “Metcalfe’s Law.” And rightly so, as Metcalfe’s law is a simple and obscure mathematical observation relating to the impact/reach of a telecommunications network. The law states that the potential of a network is simply the number of nodes squared, or […]

On the Subject of Nodes

One of the great debates in blockchain centers around what it means to be decentralized, whether it’s a necessary trait for the application you’re developing, and how a blockchain’s centralization should affect the regulatory status of the cryptoasset(s) running on top of it. While many followers of the blockchain space would identify as decentralization ‘maximalists,’ […]

What Critics Have Right About Kin

Recently, we published our 5 part series on “What Critics Fail to Understand About Kin.” While we firmly believe that there is a lot of unfair criticism about Kin, there are also many points that critics got right. At the end of the day, successful projects are often successful not because of the things they […]

What Critics Fail to Understand About Kin – Part #5

Missed the rest of the series? Check out “Part #1” “Part #2“, “Part #3” and “Part #4“ When I first started this series critique number 5 was “The Kin team hasn’t done anything since the ICO.” A lot has happened since then, including the launch of the Kinit app, and so we’ve heard less and […]