Kin Swap – How to transfer your balance into Ecosystem Apps

WarningThe following method is not official or supported. It relies on third-party tools. You probably should not use this method. There is a risk of having your wallet compromised. There is a risk that because this method is a workaround, that updates to Kin apps may break your wallet and lose your balance.

If you are looking to simply transfer Kin1 to Kin3 then you should use this guide:

Step 1 – Download a Kin3 Migrated App:

To start you must download a Kin3 migrated app such as Kinny

If you do not have an Android device then you will need to use Bluestacks

Step 2 – Backup your wallet:

In Kinny create a backup of your Kin Wallet.

First open the Kin Wallet:

Then click on the cog settings symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen:

Click on “Keep your Kin Safe”:

Create a backup password:

You MUST remember this password. It is impossible for the Kin Foundation to help you recover, reset, or unlock the wallet without this password.

You will then receive a QR code of your wallet backup. Save the QR code as an image.

Step 3 – Unlock account:

To recover the account info we’re going to upload the image of the QR code to a third-party site (KinExplorer) made by the creators of Kinny.

This is super unsafe and unadvisable. You should never upload your recovery image anywhere even to sites you trust.

But, here is where you can do it, and here is what it looks like:

Step 4 – Get Public Address:

The back up you uploaded will now show you the public address of your Kinny wallet:

Step 5 – CoinSwitch:

Navigate to CoinSwitch and go to their Kin Swap Page

Enter the amount of Kin you want to transfer.

Then hit “exchange”

Step 6 – Transfer:

After that you’ll get an ERC20 address to transfer to. Transfer your ERC20 Kin to that address and wait for 30 block confirmations.

You should now be able to reload your Kinny account and see the new balance.

Step 7 – Important: Clear data:

After using the KinExplorer upload feature it has a copy of your data in the local storage for the site. You must clear your browser cache and cookies so that it does not store this information.

Once again you REALLY shouldn’t use the method but some of you are going to anyway.

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