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How to swap your Kin with P2PB2B and other Phase 2 Exchanges

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The next wave of Kin migration swaps is now available with support from an Estonian exchange with a large presence in the EU and Asia, P2PB2B is the 14th largest exchange by volume.

How to Swap your Kin with P2PB2B

Step 1: Sign-up on P2PB2B

To start the swap process sign-up with the exchange here.

Once you fill in the information you’ll need to verify your email (you don’t always get the pop-up reminding you to do this).

When you first login, you might be directed to the login screen a second time. Simply refresh your page and it will show you as successfully logged in.

Step 2: Navigate to “Deposits”:

After you’ve logged in you’ll see the “+ DEPOSIT” button. It’s the large green button in the upper right header section of the screen.

Step 3: Create a deposit address:

Next you’ll need to create an ERC20 deposit address for Kin.

On the deposit page scroll down until you see the purple K Kin icon. Beside that there is a button that says “deposit”. Click deposit and you’ll see a pop-up displaying an ERC20 address. Note: This address should always start with 0x to show that it is an Ethereum based deposit address. If the address starts with ANY other letter, then it is not an ERC20 address and you will lose your Kin.

Step 5: Send Kin and Wait:

Send Kin to your new deposit address. It should take about 30 block confirmations to appear in your wallet.

Some important notes:

  • Do not send from a smart contract based wallet or exchange like Bittrex or FreeWallet. P2PB2B does NOT support that.
  • You must send a minimum of 200,000 Kin as a deposit. Deposits smaller than that amount will NOT be recognized by P2PB2B.
  • On P2PB2B your deposit wallet 0x address is different for each coin. If you have used P2PB2B before do NOT just send your Kin to the 0x address for a previous wallet.

You have until April 10th (EST) to deposit your Kin ERC20 into P2PB2B. After that time, deposits and withdrawals will lock for a 24 hour period and then on April 12th users will receive their Kin3 balances and Kin3 will start trading on P2PB2B.

Instant Swap via Changelly:

Step 1: Wallet:
If you have a Ledger device, then on your Ledger install the new Kin Blockchain app. If you don’t know how to do this then check out our “How to Swap Kin with Your Ledger” guide which will show you how to set up the Kin blockchain App.

If you do not have a Ledger device, then the safest option for you is using TrustWallet by Binance.

Step 2: Changelly Swap:

The interface for the swap depends on your jurisdiction. Try both options below.

Option 2A:

Go to Changelly and select Kin (ERC20) from the drop down.

On the other side select “Kin” from the drop down.

Enter your receiving wallet address (the one you just created in your Ledger app, or your TrustWallet app), and click next.

Changelly will provide you an address, send your ERC20 Kin to that address and you’ll receive your Kin3 Kin in the receiving address on your ledger.

Option 2B:

If Kin did not display in the dropdown list for you, then you will need to navigate to the Changelly Kin Subdomain

This page will look like:

Just like the case above, you’ll enter the amount you want to swap. You’ll then recieve an ERC20 address (starting with 0x) to send your Kin1 (ERC20) to, and have to enter your Kin3 address (which you created either in Ledger or TrustWallet)


1. Should I use Atomic Wallet, FreeWallet, or TrustWallet? 

The safest way to store your Kin3 is in a Ledger Wallet. If you are not able to use a Ledger Wallet, TrustWallet by Binance is the next safest option. You should avoid FreeWallet as it is a centralized software and shared wallet addresses. It is also owned by HitBTC who is an exchange with a poor reputation.

2. Should I use CoinSwitch?

I’ve never heard of them, and they are just an exchange broker layer that will likely charge a fee. Also if you wanted to use them today you’d have to use Atomic Wallet or FreeWallet and as we said, that may not be a great choice.

3. What about HitBTC, LAToken, Lykke, BitForex and CoinTiger?

Kin3 can be traded on these platforms, but, they are no longer available for the swap.

4. What about withdraw and trade fees?

Exchanges will not charge an exchange fee for the swap.

Exchanges and wallets both have withdraw fees. Exchanges list theirs and they are usually quite small.

5. Can I use Ledger yet?

Yes, but you will need to set up your Ledger to support Kin3 transactions (“How to Swap with a Ledger“) and you will need to be able to build manual transactions (“How to Build Manual Transactions with a Ledger Device“)

6. If I can’t use Ledger should I use FreeWallet?


If you don’t have a Ledger, you should use TrustWallet. AtomicWallet may also be ok – but you should avoid FreeWallet at all costs.

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