How to buy Bitcoin on credit card

When you are interested in purchase Bitcoin for your first time, you’ll find you might come up against some difficulties discovering a place that allow for credit card based sales of Bitcoin.

Most companies don’t allow you to buying Bitcoin on credit card due to complex regulation and government licensing in their country. However, there are some of services that support you to buy Bitcoin on credit card.

Step #1 – Buying Bitcoin on credit card:

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Step 2 – Option #1 – Buying Bitcoin on credit card with

buy Bitcoin on credit card

A great choice for buying Bitcoin on credit card is is a high-quality company located in London England. They are one of only a few services that offer credit card purchases of Bitcoin.

They are recommended as is the only exchanges that offer buying Bitcoin on credit card and that is certified by both the US FinCen Authority and the UK financial regulator meaning they are the most secure possible choice for your Bitcoin purchase.

Pros for buying Bitcoin on

  • has their own web wallet to store Bitcoin and 6 other cryptocurrencies.
  • has an on-site crypto exchange so you can trade and sell your Bitcoin as well.
  • has been around since 2013 and is one of the oldest and safest places to buy Bitcoin using credit card.
  • Bonus 1% free on all eligible deposits (limited time!)

Cons to buying Bitcoin on

  • In cryptocurrency buying on credit card always includes slightly higher fees than other payment methods

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Step 2 – Option #2 – Buying Bitcoin with credit card on eToro:

Another option that enables credit card for buying Bitcoin is eToro.

Bitcoin with credit card

eToro offers something a bit different than other websites. eToro lets you purchase both cryptocurrency and stocks within the same account. They also let’s you use copy trading funds which are automated trading designed by trading experts. This lets you decide the amount you want to buy each month and purchase the most in demand cryptocurrencies even if you aren’t confident in the market.

eToro also offers a free $100 bonus on your first eligible purchase.

Pros to buying Bitcoin with credit card on eToro:

Cons to buying Bitcoin with credit card on eToro:

  • eToro is limited to investment purchases because of this you can’t withdraw your cryptocurrency from the site. But, this means your funds being more secure. You are also allowed to sell cryptocurrency at any time on the exchange and we are told that withdrawal features will be added in the future.

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Step #3 – Get a Bitcoin credit card to earn free Bitcoin when banking!

Buy Bitcoin with credit card

Wirex is a great service based in the United Kingdom. Their service is a credit card and wallet that lets you use cryptocurrency in every normal store as well as receive a 0.5% rebate in cryptocurrency even with purchases made with fiat currency.

Currently most people simply use it like a normal credit card, they choose not to spend their crypto when using the card on purchase and pay the balance with fiat in online banking. This lets them earn cryptocurrency on every purchase without needing to spend any.

Imagine how awesome it would be if back when cryptocurrencies had launched you collected 0.5% of every purchase as Bitcoin. Each time you purchased groceries for the week or when ever made payments to your bills you received some Bitcoin. If you had done that you’d currently be very well off!

It’s not too late for that! crypto still have lots of room to go! And, the credit card by Wirex is still a great product which I encourage all {cex_io_cryptocurrencies} users to consider.

Pros of using the Wirex Cryptocurrency Credit Card:

  • Use your Bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a payment method (if you want) without having to pay large exchange withdraw fees and waiting weeks for fiat to arrive.
  • Earn 0.5% cash back in cryptocurrency.
  • Earn a bonus 0.5% when you buy cryptocurrency with your card.

Cons of using the Wirex Cryptocurrency Credit Card:

  • N/A – it’s great all around!

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Step #4 – Consider automated bundle funds from CoinBundle:

buy {cex_io_cryptocurrencies} on credit card

CoinBundle is another exchange that we highly encourage new users to check out.

Unlike other exchanges CoinBundle is the only service that enables you to buy crypto bundles. These bundles are similar to mutual funds. Basically you are purchasing a 1 cryptocurrency token that is one share in a collection of cryptocurrencies. For example, if I buy one bundle token from “Conservative 2” then what I really get is my purchase split between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. This bundle investment means my holdings auto re-balancing to match the holding and it also helps me only paying one transaction fee instead of three.

These bundle tokens are also real cryptocurrency tokens themselves. This means you can withdraw them and exchange them on other sites without withdrawing the underlying coins.

CoinBundle supports several bundles to start but you’ll also be able to make your own custom bundle. If you make a custom bundle you are able to earn commission if others buy your token bundle.

Finally, token bundles offer a way for you to have a diverse holding without being a full-time trader. You can easily follow the experts.

Pros of trading on CoinBundle:

Cons of trading on CoinBundle:

  • Not available in the US.

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Step #5 – Monitor your portfolio (and taxes) with CoinTracking

Perhaps the most important step when you buy Bitcoin on credit card is keeping track of your portfolio.

Managing your cryptocurrency investments is tough because:

  1. Your cryptocurrency is likely spread across multiple exchanges, as no exchange carry all cryptocurrencies.
  2. Tax are complicated as you need to list every trade from all the exchanges you use.

CoinTracking makes that very convenient by tracking all transactions you make across all the exchanges you use and making automated reports for your portfolio growth and easy to understand tax reports.

Pros to using CoinTracking:

  • Automated portfolio overview.
  • Free $10 off discount!
  • Monitor your coins across multiple exchanges.
  • Easy tax reporting to save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Cons to using CoinTracking:

  • N/A we recommend this to everyone.

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