How to buy Bitcoin in Arizona

Looking for how to buy Bitcoin in Arizona? Purchasing Bitcoin in the US is not straight forward but recently new options have developed.

Summary of methods to buy Bitcoin in Arizona:

  1. Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with debit card on Coinbase.
  2. Purchase Bitcoin in Arizona with ACH on Coinbase.
  3. Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with credit card from
  4. Purchase Bitcoin in Arizona on credit card or PayPal from VirWox.
  5. Buying Bitcoin in Arizona with other payment methods on
  6. Buy Bitcoin with other payment methods on

Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with debit card on Coinbase:

One of the easiest users buy Bitcoin in Arizona is to use your debit card on Coinbase.

Coinbase allows you to to add your debit card from most US bank and credit union.

Once you’ve connected your debit card to your Coinbase account you can instantly buy Bitcoin using your debit card at any time. You are also able to set up a recurring purchase to purchase any amount of Bitcoin on a recurring timeline automatically.

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Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with ACH on Coinbase:

Another choice you have that Coinbase has in Arizona is buying through ACH payments.

Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with credit card from

buy Bitcoin in Arizona with credit card

Most states in the US don’t allow buying Bitcoin with credit cards because of American regulations. is a UK cryptocurrency exchange that has support for credit card purchases and supports US customers.

With its simple to buy Bitcoin just:

  1. Make an account.
  2. Complete your KYC/AML.
  3. Attach your credit card.
  4. Click to purchase your Bitcoin. (You get a large daily limit of $3000 initially).

Buy Bitcoin in Arizona with credit card or PayPal on VirWox:

VirWox virtual currency exchange is is a great alternative for buying Bitcoin with your credit card in Arizona.

Acquiring Bitcoin on VirWox is a bit tricky as with With VirWox you can’t directly buy Bitcoin for US dollars.

Instead you’ll need to:

  1. Sign-up for your account.
  2. Deposit USD into your VirWox account.
  3. Use your USD to buy SLL (Second Life Lindens) on the USD/SLL pair.
  4. Then use your SLL to buy Bitcoin on the BTC/SLL pair.
  5. Then you can use this Bitcoin on other exchanges to buy other cryptocurrency if needed.

Buy Bitcoin with multiple payment methods on is a multi-vendor marketplace for buying Bitcoin. Using LocalBitcoins you don’t buying Bitcoin from one company. Instead, multiple vendors offer methods to buy selling Bitcoin.

With LocalBitcoins each seller define which payment methods they allow. You find a listing that meets your needs and message the seller.

LocalBitcoins is great because it supports payment options you can’t find anywhere else including PayPal, Skrill and Bank Transfers.

Buying Bitcoin with other payment methods on Paxful:

The last method worth discussing for buying Bitcoin in Arizona is Paxful.

Kind of like LocalBitcoins Paxful is a multi-vendor marketplace.

What is different about Paxful is they support any payment option the seller wants to accept. This means you can use payment methods including gift cards, Steam credit, Western Union and MoneyGram.

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