How to Build Manual Kin Ledger Devices

Note: You must have created a Ledger wallet for Kin in order to manage this process.

Step 1 – Go to Kin Transaction Builder:

Step 2 – Source:

For the source account enter the public key of the device you are sending from.

For the sequence you’ll click on “Fetch Next Sequence” button to automatically generate the key.

For the base fee you will need to enter 100 this is the fee in stroops 0.01 Kin.

Step 3 – Operations:

For the operation select the type “Payment” and enter the public key address of the recipient wallet.

For asset select native and enter the amount of Kin you want to send.

Step 4 – Signing:

If successful the transaction builder will create a transaction envelope XDR. Click “Sign in Transaction Signer” to continue.

Next you’ll see a summary of your transaction:


If that looks correct scroll down to the signing section. Ensure your wallet BIP is correct and click “Sign with BIP Path”

Once you verify the transaction on your Ledger device you’ll be able to click “Submit to Post”

Step 5 – Posting:

After that you’ll be taken to submit the transaction to the Kin Horizon node. Click submit and it should transfer to the blockchain succesfully.

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