Cryptocurrency Exchanges with No KYC/AML

Looking for a cryptocurrency exchange with no KYC/AML? We’ve got you covered.

KYC/AML is gross, slow, and most countries don’t even require it for trading crypto.

Given that here is our list of 3 cryptocurrency exchanges that don’t require KYC/AML.

#1 – Mercatox:

Cryptocurrency Exchange with No KYC/AML

The first cryptocurrency exchange with no KYC/AML that we recommend is Mercatox.

Mercatox’s exchange is based in Russia, and so isn’t bound by traditional KYC/AML rules. They allow extensive coin-to-coin trading for a fairly low fee of 0.25%.

They focus on lots of smaller cryptocurrency coins but also include many of the popular ones – more importantly though they support airdrops, ICOs and community voting for coin listings.


  • Reliable exchange.
  • Low trade fee (0.25%)
  • Very low withdrawal fees.
  • Lots of new coins.
  • Community voting.
  • Airdrops.


  • Not as many popular coins.
  • Daily withdraw limit of 0.5 BTC with no KYC.
  • Lower liquidity.


#2 – Binance

Cryptocurrency exchange no KYC/AML

Binance is most people’s first choice when it comes to a Bitcoin exchange with no KYC/AML. But, we rated it slightly lower than Mercatox because of the BNB coin.

The BNB (Binance Coin) is at the center of Binance, if you want to get the lowest fees or higher rewards you need to hold a lot of the BNB coin. That used to be fine, but now, BNB is expensive and so new users can’t get the cheapest fees.

Don’t get me wrong – we love Binance and it is easily the best exchange for popular crypto and doesn’t require KYC/AML. We just think it is a bit unfair that our new users won’t get all the perks!


  • Largest exchange with lots of liquidity.
  • Covers most popular coins.
  • Has trading contests.
  • Lots of promotions and perks.
  • Low fees.


  • Getting the best fees requires BNB.
  • Coins pay millions of dollars to list here so good quality open-source projects often can’t afford to appear on Binance.

#3 – KuCoin:

Bitcoin Exchange with No KYC/AML

KuCoin is our third exchange with no KYC/AML. The exchange is based in Korea and covers many top coins.

KuCoin also lets you earn signifigant bonuses by buying KuCoin shares as they will split 50% of the fee with users who hold KuCoin Shares.

KuCoin also offers very low fees on trading and withdrawals making it a great choice.


  • Low fees.
  • Bonus structure.
  • Korea is Bitcoin friendly.
  • More coins than Binance.


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