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Note: You must have created a Ledger wallet for Kin in order to manage this process.

Step 1 – Go to Kin Transaction Builder:


Step 2 – Source:

For the source account enter the public key of the device you are sending from.

For the sequence you’ll click on “Fetch Next Sequence” button to automatically generate the key.

For the base fee you will need to enter 100 this is the fee in stroops 0.01 Kin.

Step 3 – Operations:

For the operation select the type “Payment” and enter the public key address of the recipient wallet.

For asset select native and enter the amount of Kin you want to send.

Step 4 – Signing:

If successful the transaction builder will create a transaction envelope XDR. Click “Sign in Transaction Signer” to continue.

Next you’ll see a summary of your transaction:


If that looks correct scroll down to the signing section. Ensure your wallet BIP is correct and click “Sign with BIP Path”

Once you verify the transaction on your Ledger device you’ll be able to click “Submit to Post”

Step 5 – Posting:

After that you’ll be taken to submit the transaction to the Kin Horizon node. Click submit and it should transfer to the blockchain succesfully.

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WarningThe following method is not official or supported. It relies on third-party tools. You probably should not use this method. There is a risk of having your wallet compromised. There is a risk that because this method is a workaround, that updates to Kin apps may break your wallet and lose your balance.

If you are looking to simply transfer Kin1 to Kin3 then you should use this guide: http://nufi.io/how-to-swap-your-kin-a-guide-for-multiple-exchanges/

Step 1 – Download a Kin3 Migrated App:

To start you must download a Kin3 migrated app such as Kinny

If you do not have an Android device then you will need to use Bluestacks

Step 2 – Backup your wallet:

In Kinny create a backup of your Kin Wallet.

First open the Kin Wallet:

Then click on the cog settings symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen:

Click on “Keep your Kin Safe”:

Create a backup password:

You MUST remember this password. It is impossible for the Kin Foundation to help you recover, reset, or unlock the wallet without this password.

You will then receive a QR code of your wallet backup. Save the QR code as an image.

Step 3 – Unlock account:

To recover the account info we’re going to upload the image of the QR code to a third-party site (KinExplorer) made by the creators of Kinny.

This is super unsafe and unadvisable. You should never upload your recovery image anywhere even to sites you trust.

But, here is where you can do it, and here is what it looks like:

Step 4 – Get Public Address:

The back up you uploaded will now show you the public address of your Kinny wallet:

Step 5 – CoinSwitch:

Navigate to CoinSwitch and go to their Kin Swap Page

Enter the amount of Kin you want to transfer.

Then hit “exchange”

Step 6 – Transfer:

After that you’ll get an ERC20 address to transfer to. Transfer your ERC20 Kin to that address and wait for 30 block confirmations.

You should now be able to reload your Kinny account and see the new balance.

Step 7 – Important: Clear data:

After using the KinExplorer upload feature it has a copy of your data in the local storage for the site. You must clear your browser cache and cookies so that it does not store this information.

Once again you REALLY shouldn’t use the method but some of you are going to anyway.

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Warning: This method is a bit complicated. You should only do this if you are an advanced user. Do NOT try this if you are not experienced. If you are not an experienced or technical user you should STRONGLY consider using the exchange swap method from this post: http://nufi.io/how-to-swap-your-kin-a-guide-for-multiple-exchanges/

Disclaimer: The Kin App for Ledger is not officially released yet through Ledger Live. It is still considered in “test” mode. Be careful sending large amounts of Kin to this wallet.

Step 1 – Download or Update Ledger Live:

Ensure you have installed the latest version of Ledger Live. Which you should only ever get from the official Ledger website.

Step 2 – Update your Device Firmware:

You will need to be running device firmware 1.5.5 in order to use Kin.

In order to update your Ledger you should open Ledger Live and click “Manager”

Then you should see a notification to update your firmware. Click to install.

Ledger will then ask you to unlock the device so it can verify the ID of the device. If this timesout there is not enough space on your Ledger to do the update. You should uninstall some of the apps via Ledger manager (this will not effect your crypto balance as you will reinstall them after the update).

You’ll then wait as the update downloads to the device.

Ledger will then ask you to remove the USB cord, hold down the left button and reinsert the USB cord (this soft restarts the device). Then you will see a screen that says “Bootloader” click the left button to complete the bootloader update.

After this Ledger Live will complete the update. After this unlock the device and reinstall any apps you need.

Step 3 – Developer Mode:

On Ledger Live click the settings cog in the top right hand corner of Ledger Live. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and turn developer mode on.

Step 4 – Install Kin App:

Search for and install the Kin app.

Step 5 – Kin Laboratory:

Navigate to the Kin Laboratory which still says Stellar at the top….thanks Kin…

Make sure in the top right hand corner of the screen the network choice says “Public” and that the URL listed is https://horizon.kinfederation.com

Also ensure that the SSL certificate is seen as secure by your browser as we will be transmitting sensitive information.

Update: Kin Lab now lists Kin at the top and is https://laboratory.kin.org/

Step 6 – BIP Path:

On the Ledger Viewer page you will see a dropdown menu saying “Select BIP Path”

Since the Kin Foundation has not selected a standard BIP path for Kin, you can use any path. Just remember which you selected.

In order to have the viewer connect you must have opened the Kin app on your Ledger. Otherwise you will get a U2F timeout error.

Step 7 – Public Key:

Once you’ve unlocked your Kin wallet, your public key will be displayed within the viewer.

Step 8 – Swap Test Transaction:

Now its time to swap, the only live instant swap option right now is CoinSwitch.co – which I do not recommend, but, some of you are desperate to switch and do not want to use the exchanges where you have to wait a few days, so this is the only option.

Navigate to CoinSwitch’s Kin Swap Page and select the amount of Kin to send. I recommend starting off with a 1 Kin test transaction.

Fill in the main net address that we generated in the Laboratory. A memo is not required.

Step 9 – Send Coins:

After clicking “Exchange” CoinSwitch should show you an Ethereum address to send to. Send your Kin tokens to that address and wait for 30 block confirmations.

Step 10 – Receive Coins:

After it is confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain, CoinSwitch and the Kin Blockchain should process the transaction within a few minutes.

Step 11 – Check Balance

You should now be able to see your new balance on the Kin blockchain using the Kinexplorer.com blockchain explorer.

Important Notes:

Since Ledger Live does not support currently sending Kin through its interface you will need to manually build and sign all outbound transactions via the “Transaction Builder” on the Kin Laboratory.

If you are not comfortable with that process do not use this swap method as your Kin will be stuck on the Ledger until Ledger Live updates to include Kin or until someone builds an online wallet viewer.

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