How does the Kin Consensus Protocol (KCP) work?

As we move towards the launch of the Kin blockchain main network launch, there have been a lot of questions regarding the need for ‘7 federation nodes’ to start the official decentralized network. At the core of that need sits some mathematical and regulatory theory, based on how Kin’s Consensus Protocol (KCP) works. What is […]

A Warning to Blastchat Users – Your Information May Be Compromised

Update 09/13/18: Since the publishing of this article, a number of developments have taken place: The author of the post has chosen to reveal their identity. Known online as “Chancity,” he is the creator of the Kin Blockchain Explorer and a developer on the KinTipBot team. Blastchat founder Jhamar Youngblood has acknowledged the incident and […]

What Critics Have Right About Kin

Recently, we published our 5 part series on “What Critics Fail to Understand About Kin.” While we firmly believe that there is a lot of unfair criticism about Kin, there are also many points that critics got right. At the end of the day, successful projects are often successful not because of the things they […]